Tool kit


Tool kit

Numer przedmiotu: 626109-9010-000
Tool kit for stylus system M5

The tool kit contains a torque hex wrench to fix the VAST adapter plate as well as pin wrenches, hook wrenches and hex wrenches in different sizes. The stylus extension is used to adjust a stylus system and avoids damages of the styli.

1x 600341-0260-000 stylus extension, M5, V2A, DGE11, LE100

2x 626109-0012-000 hook wrench DG11

2x 626109-0013-000 hook wrench DG20

1x 626109-0010-000 torque hex wrench 2 Nm, 2,5 mm

2x 602030-0222-000 pin wrench 2,9, DG5, L50

1x 602030-0002-000 hex wrench, 1,5, zinc coated, ISO-2936D

1x 000000-0015-245 hex wrench, 2, zinc coated, ISO-2936D

1x 602030-0021-000 hex wrench, 2,5, zinc coated, ISO-2936D

1x 000000-0015-247 hex wrench, 3, zinc coated, ISO-2936D

1x 000000-0015-248 hex wrench, 4, zinc coated, ISO-2936D



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