Dla Rondcom ze stołem obrotowym D220


D220 vises and chuck

Numer przedmiotu: 626108-9031-125
Vises and chuck for Rondcom and Surfcom. Can also be used with CMMs and other SF&G machines with proper adapter plate.

Bench Vises:

The bench vise with adapter plate can be mounted to a Surfcom positioning or fine adjusting system as well as directly to the granite table.
The bench vises are made of steel and are delivered with the necessary mounting material. They are also movable on the adapter plate.
Three jaw chuck:
The three jaw chuck is made of steel and fastened to a adapter plate. It can be mounted onto the Surfcom positioning or fine positioning table as well as onto the Surfcom granite table.
Outer and inner dies as well as the mounting material are included.




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