Surfcom system pozycjonujący


Surfcom system pozycjonujący

Holding and positioning your workpiece correctly is key to an accurate measurement

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Positioning table:

Positioning table for rotation and dislocation of heavy workpieces. The table is mounted to the granite plate of the Surfcom.
A rough adjustment in a 200 mm adjusting range and with linear guiding in Y-direction is lockable in every position.
A micrometer scew with adjusting range ±10 mm allows the fine adjustment of the Y-axis.
The rotation unit is also lockable in every position. The swiveling angle is finely adjusted with the help of a micrometer screw.
Dimensions circa 330 x 320 x 100 mm, base plate with rotating unit Ø 260mm and threaded hole M8 in a raster with distance of 25 mm and fixing holes M5 for Surfcom accessories, carrying capacity 100 kg.

Goniometer tilting table:
Goniometer tilting table 60x60 mm, height 20 mm, angular range +/-20°, black coated brass.

Sliding movement type rotation:

Sliding movement type rotation stage 110 mm, height 25 mm, aluminium black anodized, scale division 1°, nonius 0,1°. Incl. precision adjustable screw and rough adjustment.

Axial adjustment unit:

Axial adjustment unit 120x120 mm, height 25 mm, stainless steel, 100 Kg capacity, stackable. Incl. precision adjustable screw +/- 6 mm and mounting material.



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