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Diamond styli reduce downtimes


In order to reduce these unproductive downtimes, some users try to delay the deformation of their stylus spheres. They only measure single points instead of continuously scanning. However, the considerably slower single-point measurement creates a conflict for users compared with the scanning process, which generates a large amount of measurement data in a short time. Either they record fewer measuring points and accept a higher measuring uncertainty or they measure a large number of single points and thereby increase their measurement time. Diamonds offer a way out of this dilemma.
ZEISS offers stylus spheres under the Diamond!Scan brand which are made of diamond or alternatively provided with a special diamond coating. The great advantage: Checking and cleaning are not required for these spheres, because no material adheres to their surface and no wear occurs. The styli also do not need to be exchanged, because they retain their original form for many years. The scanning of workpieces no longer has any adverse effects on accuracy. The throughput increases.

Ritorno al sommario novità

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