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Angle setting device speeds up the assembly of stylus systems


Would you like to assemble complex M3XXT stylus systems in the twinkling of an eye?

If your answer is yes, then you should try out our world first: the FixAssist XXT angle setting device, because it enables you to bring your styli to the desired position in no time at all. Non-destructively and with the greatest of ease. How is this done? You fix your styli to the device via magnets and adapters and set the desired angle with one turn. Fixing is also very straight forward, because the styli are held securely in the prescribed position: just tighten and they are ready for use.

However, you not only save yourself troublesome and time-consuming measurement, re-measurement and readjustment of your stylus systems with our FixAssist XXT, you also reduce the downtimes of your measuring machine for good measure, since you do not adjust the stylus systems directly on your coordinate measuring machine, but rather on the FixAssist XXT device. The precision setting also means that fewer collisions can occur, and your measurement process becomes more stable. And one more thing speaks for this device: you can assemble more complex stylus systems and therefore measure more features without changing the stylus.

If you would like to see how easy it is to set the angles, watch our videos

You will find out more at: taster.zeiss.de/fixassist/


Ritorno al sommario novità

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