Diamond!Scan® Mono M5

Diamond!Scan® Mono M5

Diamond!Scan® Mono M5

Diamond-coated styli in one piece
(26 z 26)
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Seamless Styli

Diamond!Scan® Mono is a monolithic stylus with diamond coating. This means that the sphere and stylus are produced from one piece. This solution has several advantages: no matter whether the diameter (DK) is 0,3 or 10 or whether it  is 22m or 200m long, you can now order your diamond-coated stylus with different diameters and lengths. Moreover, there is no risk that the sphere breaks off, as the stylus is made ‘seamless’. Furthermore, the advantages of the diamond-coated stylus also apply for the Diamond!Scan® Mono: The  stylus is especially suitable for applications with soft materials such as aluminum or titanium and is a cheaper alternative to a solid diamond stylus.

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