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Reliable precision: M3 XXT stylus systems optimize the measuring process


With the M3 XXT stylus systems, Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH, with its registered office in Aalen, has created light-weight and torsionally rigid solutions for its customers which enable them to utilize the possibilities of their coordinate measuring machines to the full. ZEISS offers various products as a "complete care package", by means of which the VAST XXT probe can be efficiently extended.


“We develop all our products with the requirement that the customers can fully utilize their investment in metrology", says Patrick Michel, product manager at ZEISS 3D Automation. "The M3 XXT stylus system from ZEISS therefore also contributes to a significant increase in the measurement options with VAST XXT systems."


An extremely stable titanium alloy and shafts made of light-weight and torsionally rigid carbon fibre rods mean that the M3 XXT are exceptionally stiff styli. They were especially designed for the VAST XXT systems and comply, in particular, with the prescribed weight limits. A larger supporting surface and a larger adapter together with the selection of light-weight and bending-resistant materials also enable users to construct complex stylus systems without any problems. The improved stiffness of the styli mean that the measurements also remain precise with an increasing dynamic response.


Rotatable connecting elements of the M3 XXT stylus systems with robust pins with a female thread provide high clamping forces and hence a non-floating conical connection. This guarantees that the elements can still be easily adjusted even after repeated assembly and disassembly. In this respect, the FixAssist® XXT, an angle alignment device especially developed by ZEISS 3D Automation, enables flexible, angular adjustment and precise setting. FixAssist® XXT makes work easier and saves time with a higher machine utilization and with no shaft probing. The ThermoFit®stylus extension is available for reaching points on the workpiece which are difficult to access and to avoid changing the styli. The variant with an integrated cone receiver can accommodate connecting elements with cone adapters which can be adjusted by rotation.


A variety of probe sockets enable several systems to be provided on the coordinate measuring machine, in order to simplify the day-to-day business. Firstly, there is a probe socket rack for VAST XXT which can be mounted directly on the multi-sensor rack or the DuraMax. Manual probe sockets, which offer space for four systems without their being damaged, are available for the set-up station.


The extensive range of products from ZEISS includes the probe cabinet compact for XXT for professional storage of the sensitive stylus systems. This sturdy special cabinet protects the contents from dust, oil and impacts. It can be easily hung up with the supplied wall mounting. Three special holders for XXT plates are included in the package and can be positioned anywhere on the rear wall of the cabinet. Further probe sockets can be ordered as required.

For Michel, the width of the product range demonstrates the following: "We not only offer our customers a large number of individual solutions which have been carefully thought out. We also coordinate these solutions with each other, in order to optimize the overall measuring process."

Stylus systems and accessories are available here.

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