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Styli with other shaft diameters

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système without thread
sorte élément de palpage sphère
DK 5
L 45
DS 3.5
poids (g) 5.8
TMAT rubis
SMAT carbure de tungstène

Styli without thread are mounti into stylus holders or star elements.

Styli with a ruby sphere are used in all standard applications. Ruby is an extremely hard material that can be shaped into a very accurate sphere.

Styli with silicon nitride spheres are an alternative to styli with ruby spheres. Unlike ruby, silicon nitride is polycrystalline and while not being as hard as ruby. it has a higher preasure resistance. This has a positive effect on its friction behaviour when scanning very hard or very soft materials.

When scanning soft aluminum alloys with Diamond!Scan styli, no material build-up occurs. When scanning hard ceramics or cast iron, no wear can be observed on the sphere.

If you cannot find your suitable styli, don't hesitate and fill out this request form.

Here you find more information on Diamond!Scan and a table to calculate your savings if you scan with the hardest material known to mankind.


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