Adjust angles of your stylus systems with minimal actions
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360 degree precision for complex M3 XXT stylus systems

The adjustment of XXT stylus systems was never as simple as it is today with the FixAssist XXT, because this angle setting device developed by ZEISS enables you to easily fix your stylus systems using magnets and adapters and bring them to the desired position with one turn. In this way, even complex stylus systems can be assembled in no time. With this aide by your side you are not only faster. Thanks to the precision adjustment of the angles, you also prevent shaft contact, for instance, and your overall measurement process becomes more stable.

FixAssist XXT products

The two standard adapters S1 and W1 form part of the basic equipment of this angle alignment device. They enable you to position single or multiple cubes, rotating elements and clampable star elements. Additional adapters enable the exact angular adjustment of knuckle joints.

Thanks to the mobile device, you can precisely adjust your stylus systems without having to mount them on the measuring machine. That means that the downtimes of your measuring machine are reduced. A positive side effect: you also prevent damage to the probe head. And one more thing speaks for the use of the angle alignment device: even complex stylus systems can be precisely assembled. You can therefore measure more features without a stylus change. In other words: you simply change to a higher gear with the FixAssist XXT. Find out more about the possibilities in our short videos.


knuckle joint

clampable star stylus

angle piece

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