Exclusive ZEISS carbon fiber technology


ThermoFit® silver stylus extensions are unrivalled in scanning applications. They combine maximum thermal stability and light weight with best bending and torsional stiffness.

Measuring hard to reach places on a workpiece

Stylus extensions will be directly screwed to a cube or adapter plate and make it possible to build up long styli and complex stylus systems to reach difficult to access characteristics on a workpiece. This also saves time through less stylus exchanges. The selection will be made according to the requirements to weight allowance, stiffness and thermal stability.

The bending stiffness increases the higher the diameter is, for that reason you should basically use stylus extensions with a preferably high diameter if the accessibility allows it. Furthermore, stylus extensions have to be very light and temperature-stable to produce optimal and reproducible measuring results. Therefore, the material is a crucial factor for the use of very long extensions. Our unique ThermoFit stylus extensions consist of high tensile titanium end caps and thermally stable carbon fiber. Our carbon fiber tubes are produced on our own machine with a winding technique especially developed for metrology. This combination of different materials and the glue and cutting technology developed by ZEISS will lead to outstanding measuring results, even under difficult shop floor terms.

ThermoFit stylus extensions are proven worldwide – in measuring rooms and directly on the shop floor. Through their thermal stability, ThermoFit extensions will keep their constant length during change in temperature. Additionally, ThermoFit shows almost no thermal torsion in contrast to conventional carbon fiber extensions.

Aluminum and titanium extensions are used for measuring tasks with lower performance requirements. While aluminum is very light, titanium has a higher stiffness, a comparative weight and a smaller linear expansion that aluminum.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, we will be glad to help you optimizing your application. Choose out of our extensive product range for standard parts or ask for customized products according to your specifications.

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