ThermoFit® Pro modular system

Diversity creates productivity


The ThermoFit®Pro system continuously grows

After successfully introducing the new modular system for VAST stylus systems, new and sensible elements supplement the diversity of the available components. Rotatable double angles enable to simply create V-shaped styli.

Building creative stylus systems and staying productive nonetheless – ThermoFit Pro makes it possible.

Completely adjusted components made of interchangeable extensions and rotary endpieces replace several individual mounted components. Angle pieces, knuckle joints or star styli will be used optionally and be set to the required angle. For use in the shop floor, we will fix the adjustment for you, e.g. by laser welding. We will machine prefabricated blank angle pieces and blank dihedral angles made of top quality titanium alloy for you fast and accurate or you can machine the blanks yourself.

All blank angle pieces are available as adjustable component in the offline software „Stylus System Creator“ SSC (e.g. in the Calypso Planner, Caligo or iDA). With this, you don’t have to design and machine complex and time consuming custom angle pieces but instead using the existing elements. This significantly shortens the start-up phase of your quality control plans.

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