Pre-Paid Budgets

Billing with full control and flexibility


Our pre-paid budgets offer control and flexibility over your spending for styli and accessories. You can satisfy the demand in all places of your enterprise individually - without losing the overview.

You can provide the pre-paid budgets centrally through your purchasing department and assign it to a specific account in our shop, which can be accessed by the responsible person for the purchasing decision. Just chose the budget that fits your need for each CMM or facility.

The budgets can be named individually by plant, belt or probe. Each person can only access and purchase the assigned budget and use it during the checkout in our online shop. There you can control your budgets in your account simply by visiting "My pre-paid budgets".

Saving the best for last: Each budget already contains a rebate depending on the absolute merchandise-amount. This way you are saving with every single purchase.

If you have more questions regarding our pre-paid budgets don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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