ZEISS Multisensor-Check

Item No.: 626001-0830-000
The monitoring procedure for coordinate measuring machines with tactile and optical sensors.

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The Multisensor-Check can be used for the standardized checking of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with tactile/optical sensors in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10360-2 and VDI/VDE 2617 sheet 6.1.

The following features can be measured with the artifact and subsequently evaluated with the software:

- Probe deviation of measuring head system
- Scan deviation of measuring head system
- Length measurement deviation

Both the probe deviation and length measurement deviation are checked using tactile and optical methods.

The artifact consists of a bend-resistant carrier to which calibrated, high-precision dimensional and form standards are applied:

- one special adjusting ring for tactile and optical measuring, 16 mm diameter
- one ceramic precision sphere, 25 mm diameter
- two parallel slip gauges, 50 mm and 200 mm in length
- one glass scale, 200 mm in length

The glass scale incorporates precise, circular markings for checking the probe deviation and a division scale for checking the length measurement deviation.

Multisensor-Check requires software and calibration, purchased separately:

CALYPSO Multisensor-Check PC Base License                       626001-0830-020
     One per machine

DAkks Calibration Multisensor-Check                             626001-0890-000


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