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ZEISS adapter plates

The coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS are highly accurate, especially since all the components and accessories are precisely tailored to each other. ZEISS is now offering a unique opportunity to companies which have so far been prepared to make compromises in the highly sensitive interface to the probe head: anyone who purchases a ZEISS adapter plate and subsequently sends in the non-authorized adapter plate will be reimbursed with 30 percent of the price.

Apart from the high quality of the originals, which ZEISS closely and continuously monitors, three important reasons speak for changing over to the certified ZEISS adapter plates: the originals significantly improve the quality of the measuring results, the handling and the system performance. What's the reason for this? The "Quick Stylus Change" and "Fly Scan" options function only with the certified ZEISS adapter plates which are provided with a programmed ID chip, in contrast to non-ZEISS systems. These options save up to 60 and 70 percent respectively of the measurement time, depending on the workpiece. In addition to this, the ZEISS adapter plate identifies the stylus system in the software via the ID-chip, thereby preventing operating errors and incorrect measurements. Another advantage: more information, such as the measuring pressure or the angle of the active stylus system, is available on the control panel display with the originals.

If you wish to have more accurate and more stable measuring processes in future, you should act now: secure your discount on the price of a ZEISS adapter plate. In order to enjoy the benefit of this saving of 30%, you simply mention "adapter plate exchange" in your order. You will then receive a return number with the invoice for the full purchase price. When you send us this number with your old adapter plate, we will immediately make out a credit note for you after confirmation of receipt.

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