Each coordinate measuring device is at a standstill while being equipped with workpieces. The higher the number of workpieces which have to be clamped at the same time, the longer the device is non-productive. Unless pallets are used. 

The measurement engineers use these to clamp the batch for the next measurement outside the device – while the measuring machine is still in operation. The equipped pallets can then be aligned on the measuring machine within seconds without having to be re-calibrated. 
The user can save e.g. approximately 15 minutes downtime for loading and calibration for each fixture change if pallets are used. If we assume that measuring and loading and calibration take the same time, it is therefore possible to measure twice as many workpieces per measuring machine by using pallets.
Additional time saves another calibration pallet. A fixed reference sphere holder with a sphere and, if required, also a reference ring and glass standard are provided on a pallet of this kind. To carry out the calibration, the user simply places the pallet on the machine and starts the process on the measuring machine. It also only takes a matter of seconds to clear the calibration devices away as they all are part of the pallet.

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